About If Only Even One

About If Only Even One

As a missions ministry If Only Even One exists to bring glory to God. It exists to make Christ famous in the region of Southeast Minnesota, Northeast Iowa and Southwest Wisconsin. This is accomplished through several means. All of those means are focused on pointing the lost and even Christians, to the completed work of Christ.

LEO Outreach

One aspect of the missions work of If Only Even One is Law Enforcement Outreach.

This is accomplished through two means. I go to precincts and offices and stand with a sign that reads ” Law Enforcement Lives Matter”. The sign refers to Romans 13:1-5 and Acts 10.  It also serves to encourage officers of every field of law enforcement. This has led to many tracts going out to and to many conversations. Sadly in our current climate most churches neglect to minister the Gospel to LEOs. Instead many churches are taking “socially acceptable” positions on criminals and jail and prison ministries. The truth is that we should desire the conversion of LEOs for their good and the good of society.

Campus Outreach

Another aspect of the missions work of If Only Even One is; college campus evangelism.

Gospel conversations and tract distribution and open air preaching make up the outreach. Moreover, street level apologetics saturate campus outreach.

Therefore, many of these students, often raised in at least culturally Christian homes, are ripe for the Gospel harvest. My heart longs for a stranger to preach the Gospel to my college age daughter.

Abortion Outreach

Yet another aspect of the missions work is abortion mill ministry.

Abortion is murder and we should be about the ministry of the Gospel. We should bring the Gospel to bear on the mother planning the murder of her child. We should also bring the Gospel to bear on those aiding in the sin of abortion.

Gospel Advancement

Another aspect of my missions work is the public proclamation of the Gospel in the gathering places of the cities around my region. This may mean open air preaching or one-to-one conversations in many different areas. These areas include downtown bar districts, in front of strip clubs and many other varied locations.

Gospel Equipping

The last area of the ministry of If Only Even One is to equip and encourage the Church to engage in regular gospel efforts specifically in the area of evangelism.

If you are reading this and have questions or believe your local church body can benefit from this please contact me.