About Me: And How We Got Here



About Me: The Old Me

My name is Todd and here is what you need to know about me. I’ve been a genuine believer since February of 2004. Sadly I spent the first 33 years of my life believing myself to be a Christian because I had jumped through all of the normal ritualistic hoops of modern Christianity.

I was baptized as an infant. I asked Jesus into my heart at the age of 5. Went on to be catechized in early elementary school and confirmed in junior high.

Outwardly I was a respectable and decent kid but inside I was rotten rebellious child. I lived like this without any fear or concern for my eventual damnation.

Well until I ran across a television program called Way of the Master. Week after week I was drawn back to the show and God eventually used the preaching of Ray Comfort to break my cold dead heart of stone and draw me to Himself for salvation that only He can provide.

About Me: The New Me

It was immediately following this that God began to work in me at that time and I became drawn to the public advancement of the Gospel coupled with preaching the Gospel in the context of my relationships as well. I was immediately struck by how absent the public preaching of the Gospel truly was in America and especially in my region.

I struggled to find balance in my life; often making evangelism an idol, holding it up as a standard for others to meet.

Those who didn’t agree with me were met with rebuke. I often neglected to love my family well as I spent more time chasing the lost with the Gospel then I did ministering the Gospel to my family.

On one occasion I was with a group of youth teaching them about public evangelism when one of my children wandered off to use the bathroom and got lost. I fell under heavy conviction from this and completely withdrew from public evangelism for several years.

The Ministry

I eased back into public evangelism after taking some time to re-focus on the importance of my family. I also focused worked on making the Gospel the center of my home life.

What became clear at that point was that there were two fundamental problems with evangelism. The first being that the broader church had become even more detached from evangelism than it had been even a few years before. The second being that there were many so-called evangelist that were more dangerous than those who weren’t evangelizing at all. These two things combined drove me to pursue an active Gospel presence in my area. This led to the inception of If Only Even One Ministries. You can also learn more about me on my YouTube channel.