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Gifts from Above Come from Those Here Below

A Rough Couple of Weeks

I have a had a rough couple of weeks. I mean that with sincerity. Aren’t rough times gifts from God? Circumstances have led to the loss of a member of the board of oversight for the ministry of If Only Even One. Because of a disagreement on what should have been tertiary issue (and my stubbornness played no small part in that). I have watched in dismay as people that I have always considered to be solid and friends turn on many other solid brothers and sisters due to disagreements over perspectives on several issues.

Recognizing Gifts When They Aren’t So Obvious

At one point I was ready to throw in the towel and shutter the ministry, such as it is, and call it quits. I really don’t think I have much to offer the Christian community. I am not sure what gifts I have to offer.  Yet, I know that we aren’t called to minister because of how productive we are and what we have to offer. Our work is all about the completed work of Christ and what He accomplishes through us in our fallible flesh and weakness…
So, throw back to Monday afternoon on the 4th of November. I worked the week-end, the 1st-3rd, on overnights. So I slept all day on Monday. I got up and got ready for my “day”. Frankly, I was excited looking forward to a visit from my beloved brother Ezrah from Cedar Falls Iowa.
I walked into the kitchen and saw the below pictured envelope sitting on the counter. It was addressed to me from a brother and sister in Christ from the Cedar Falls area. Frankly, the way the week had been going, I was reticent to open it for fear that it would contain a letter requesting that I stop coming to the Cedar Falls area because I was causing harm to the cause of Christ there. (It is how my brain works and I don’t know how to make it stop.)

God’s Gifts are Tangible

I took a deep breath and I opened the envelope and looked inside. I saw money. Not just a few dollar bills, but a sizeable collection of bills…
I reached in and pulled out the contents looking for a letter. However, what I found was the beautiful little note that you see in the picture. I could not count the bills as I was overwhelmed and tears started to pour down my face. I summoned Maggie and handed it to her asking her to count it. She too was overwhelmed at the sizeable gift contained in the stack. I was left speechless. In awe of the generosity that GOD had so wrought in the hearts in the ones so loving as to bless the ministry in such a way.

A Commitment to Never Beg for Money

What many of you may never know is that back before I officially launched the ministry I told the men of the board that I would never solicit financial support from the Christians I know. I even wrote about that last year in this article Again, I have never solicited financial support for the ministry. I have been asked about what I need. Consequently, all I have ever said is that I need bibles. That’s it.
I am not telling you these things to pat myself on the back. Heavens no! I am telling you these things because I kinda feel like George Muller. I will never take care of over 10K orphans. However, that doesn’t change the fact that God has seen fit to provide for the work. I literally have no idea who sent this gift. Admittedly, I grilled Ezrah about it but he was being coy and wouldn’t cave in.
I don’t know if it was a group of someones, or if it really was only two people. I do not know if it came from a wealthy believer or if it came from someone living the way most of us do, week to week, paycheck to paycheck. What I do know is that my heart was touched, not by the amount, but by the heart of the gifter(s). I will never know this side of eternity who did such a thing. What I do know is that it says far more about your heart for the LORD and the work of the Gospel than you will ever know.

Putting Gifts to Use

A quick note in passing. I will be putting the gift to good use. Due to the miles I drive to make trips around the region of Southeast Minnesota and Northeast Iowa and whatnot, I run the tires on my vehicle ragged. Therefore, I am way past due for new tires and the gift will be paying for that. I will also be buying a case of bibles to keep with me when I preach Christ wherever I find myself. The rest will be used in such a way as to help me honor GOD through the work of Gospel proclamation and other tangible ways…

Whoever you are, thank you, and know that our Sovereign LORD and Savior has taken note of your kindness. It has not gone unnoticed. Please forgive the delay in my post as I have been overwhelmed this entire time as I weighed my words. I will never be able to repay such kindness and sacrificial love.

Thank you!
Thank the LORD!
Soli Deo Gloria!

Unconditional Forgiveness Makes Mockery of Christ

Inevitable Conversations

As most of my faithful readers know I often write about the objections thrown at me by professing Christians. Inevitably, while engaging in any form of public evangelism someone will eventually come along and object. Ironically, these objections are always unconditional in their accusatory tone towards me.

“My god is a god of love…”

“The Bible says judge not lest you be judged…”

“It’s people like you that make people run away from God…”

“Jesus died for everyone…”

“God doesn’t care how we worship as long as we are sincere…”

And one of my favorites, “My god forgives everyone no matter what…”

This may be one of the greatest abuses of God’s forgiveness that is present in the modern church. In this article I want to look at forgiveness and whether it is by nature unconditional.

Should We go on Sinning…?

In Romans 6 Paul asks the hypothetical but serious question, “Should we go on sinning so that grace may abound?” Of course, the answer is an emphatic, “No!”

Paul is specifically referring to Christians in this passage. Additionally, he is “prophetically” pushing back on early trends towards antinomian thought that would abuse God’s grace. Yet, the question that he asks is a direct reflection of the thought that God is unconditional in His forgiveness. Early Christians were as prone to this error as we are today. God’s unconditional forgiveness covers my pet sins, but it may not cover yours.

Very often what I hear from others is the justification of continued sinful rebellion appealing to the broadness of God’s love and grace. Abortion proponents will claim Christ as Lord while also claiming that He will not judge them for murdering their Preborn child. Advocates and practitioners of deviant sexual lifestyles will claim God’s unconditional forgiveness for them because they are Christian.

The constant refrain in these situations is, “I believe in Jesus, so I am good to do what I want…”

If you think for a minute that this is mainly a problem with the fringes of Christianity in WCC you are in trouble. Independent Fundamentalist Baptist often have the same views. While they would reject that God’s grace allows for many sins to be continued, a broad swath of them reject the idea of false converts. This rejection of false converts allows for “back-sliding” as a norm and insisting that any person who “has accepted Christ” is saved. No matter how bad the sinful lifestyle of the person, they are just “back-sliding”.

These trends, while wholly different, are at the core, made possible by a misapprehension of God’s grace. These folks perceive God as unconditional and indiscriminate.

Unconditional Forgiveness and the Inability to Judge

In contrast, I will often engage with professing Christians that seek to run interference between the Gospel and the intended targets. In some cases, these folks seem to think it is their role to protect the lost from the offense of the cross.

“God forgives everyone!” is the frequent refrain, “He doesn’t care who you are or what you’ve done. Jesus died for you.”

While this has the appearance of truth it leaves much to be desired. There is a realm where God does operate unconditionally. That is in the doctrine of Election. God’s choosing of the Elect is not contingent upon anything in them. However, that truth, the reality of unconditional election, does not equate to unconditional forgiveness.

This may seem like I am straining at gnats, but I would beg you to bear with me. Granting that God unconditionally elects those who will be saved, we must hone-in-on forgiveness with laser-like-accuracy.

Jesus taught His disciples many things, not the least of which was the Gospel. Moreover, He left it with them as the Great Commission. “Go into the whole world and preach the Gospel…” The very act of preaching the Gospel exposes us to the truth that God is sitting, not as this amorphous unconditionally forgiving Grandpa, but as judge.

Preaching the Gospel by its very nature requires the fear of judgment. While it would be easy to point directly to the loving sacrifice of Christ on the cross, we must make some judgment calls. We need to be able to recognize sins and define them. If the Gospel is truly the Good News that God has declared, then there must be bad news.

Unfortunately, because WCC so drastically misunderstands forgiveness they have lost the ability to judge.

Contingent Forgiveness Juxtaposed with Unconditional Forgiveness

If, as so many today assert, God forgives all unconditionally, then we are left with a conundrum. The penal substitutionary atonement of Christ on the cross was unnecessary and worthless. Completely arbitrary. I know that even reading that last sentence was troublesome for you.

However, think on this. The sacrifice of Christ on the cross was certainly accomplishing something. But it was also communicating something to humanity as well. Effectively, the God-head was shouting at humanity.

“Your wickedness is so vast and expansive that the only way my wrath can be appeased is through the death of the Eternal Son.”

God certainly does offer forgiveness to those who repent and believe, but it is contingent upon the sacrifice of Christ. Christ made atonement for sin. Scripture teaches that He is the propitiation for the sins of the created order. This means that forgiveness is contingent, not on our embrace of Christ, but upon His cross.

To teach that God forgives unconditionally is to waste the death of Christ. Moreover, unconditional forgiveness leads to Universalism

Universalism as a By-product of Unconditional Forgiveness

We must wrestle with this truth. If there are no conditions on forgiveness, who is not forgiven by God? If you say that only the believing ones are forgiven, then you have made forgiveness contingent on the person believing.

However, if you say that forgiveness is for those who God has chosen, then it is still contingent.

Conversely, if you say that God forgives all people through Christ, then all people, no matter how evil or depraved they may be, go to heaven when they die.

This argument sounds much like the arguments surrounding Limited Atonement. That is because the entire argument has its roots in understanding the Atonement. To misunderstand this topic is to misunderstand God.

Simply put, to assert and hold to the idea that Unconditional Forgiveness is the norm is to teach error. Consequently, it makes God capricious. God placarded His Son for no reason. Jesus was not crucified to make atonement for sin because atonement would not be needed for unconditional forgiveness.

So, if you must insist that God’s forgiveness is unconditional, then have the intellectual honesty to admit you believe all people are saved.

God Does Not Need Us to Defend Conditional Forgiveness

Sadly, I feel it necessary to assert that those who advance a Gospel of unconditional forgiveness do so in embarrassment. These folks are discomforted at the idea of a God that makes demands on His subjects.

They have forgotten that Jesus came out of the wilderness demanding that we, “Repent and believe the Gospel…” This is not a passing suggestion. It was a condition for forgiveness. Wrapped up in the command to repent is the understanding of open confession of sin. It is simply too easy to look at the original Greek, metanoia, and flippantly state, “All it means is to change your mind.” There is so much more involved here and it isn’t my intent to write on that.

Rest assured I am not arguing for some version of works righteousness. But I am not advocating easy believism either. My intent is to get us thinking rightly about the very real contingency needed for forgiveness. Instead of arguing that God simply forgives everyone broadly, we should stand for the truth. We do not need to explain away the necessity for repentance and confession.

Instead we should glory in the God who made salvation a reality for the believing ones in the cross of Christ. There is beauty in this truth. Instead of bringing the substitutionary death of Christ down to our level let us instead lift it up high above the crowds. Let us point to crucified, buried, resurrected and ascended Christ. The very one who did what He did for the sake of the elect.

Instead of feeling the need to interpose ourselves between God and His message of forgiveness that is contingent upon Christ, we should boldly proclaim that Christ met those conditions for us, and it rests on Him alone.

Soli Deo Gloria!


Political Signs and the Gospel

The Political Problem

Maybe the greatest problem facing the Western Church outside of political progressivism is political conservatism. These days being Republican has become synonymous with being a Christian. Often, this is foisted onto Conservative Christians by leftist that make up the Progressive wing of the Democrat party. Sadly, this is made easy by the Conservative Christians that placard their political allegiances all over their homes and yards with political signs.

Make no mistake, I am firmly convinced that genuine, fruit-bearing-Christianity will almost always side with traditionally conservative values. However, that is not the same as strict party allegiances. Moreover, it certainly doesn’t mean blind party-loyalty. Indeed, political signs communicate our loyalty and our leanings. Furthermore, they communicate far more than we can imagine.

Political Signs and the Messages They Send

With this in mind, I want to consider the messages sent by the political signs we choose to display. It is easy to see political signs supporting leftist progressives and make reasonable conclusions about the leanings of the homeowners. The same can be said for political signs supporting conservative candidates.

Incidentally, most people displaying political signs give little thought to the totality of the positions of the candidate advertised. Consequently, blind allegiances and partisanship, lead to a broad cross-section of worldviews. These political partnerships often uniting under the banner of narrow party lines.

Therefore, ostensibly culturally conservative Muslims, will almost invariably vote for leftist candidates. Likewise, culturally conservative Christians will almost without fail vote for even socially leftist Republicans. Much of this is due in part to the little R or D designator that marks political signs and affiliations.

Political signs, whether-or-not we like it, tells us far more about the people displaying the sign than we care to admit. Moreover, our responses to those signs say about as much about us.

Christians and Their Love for Politics

Be they leftists or conservatives, Christians love to be involved in politics. Either way, this isn’t inherently wrong. I will be the first to argue for Christians being informed and educated and then voting their consciences. As previously stated, I make no qualms about the idea that there are certain positions that are inherently Christian. However, those positions are not exclusive to one particular party. As much as one side or the other claims to represent the values of Christianity, they both fall short.

All we need to do is consider the last presidential election. Consider the party of “family values”, the Republicans. They nominated a serial adulterer. A man who denied the need to repent while claiming to love Jesus. The Democrats, supposedly the party of the underdog and the oppressed, nominated a woman who supported the unfettered infanticide of black children by the thousands. A woman who is simply incapable of relating to the people she claimed to represent.

People professing to be Christian on both sides, rallied in support of their nominated candidate. Conservatives could often be heard or read saying justifying their votes. “Well we are electing a president not a pastor.” Leftists would just as tritely point to scripture claiming Jesus was some form of ancient Israelite version of Che Guevara. The greatest problem in both these cases; is a failure to bring the Bible to bear on decision making.

This is not to say that these folks do not read their bibles. Thousands of atheist scholars read bibles and come to faulty conclusions. That is my assertion here. Christians on both sides, are reading the same books and landing on faulty conclusions based on failing presuppositions.

Granting that there are people on both sides that love God, there is room to call out sin.

Local Political Signs

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am using the phrase political signs seriously and ironically. Some of what I am talking about here is based on observations I have made. As I drive around my tiny little town of 2500 people I see lots of political signs during election seasons. In particular, there is one local family widely known for their commitment to conservative politics. Much of their stance is driven by their biblical beliefs. Strangely, their love for conservative politics has allowed them to be one of those households that placards their support of the current president proudly on their lawn.

If there is a sign to be had supporting him, theirs is the biggest in town. As the election cycle progresses through November of 2020, their yard will fill with signs. Without fail, you can count on them to shill for the straight Republican ticket. Is this in-and-of-itself sinful? Nope. That isn’t my point. I believe that this particular family is firmly convinced that they are taking a sound political position based almost entirely on their religious convictions.

Yet, I wonder if their impact for the cause of Christ and the advancement of the Gospel into the world is as bold. I know that they are faithful to their local congregation. Moreover, they have sent several of their offspring out into the world to foreign nations for very short-term “missions” trips. However, is their impact for the cause of the Gospel locally as powerful as their political witness?

Consequently, this begs the question, what about us? What do we advance more, political signs portraying our political allegiances or the Gospel?

Do We Trust Our Political Leanings more than we Trust the Gospel to Affect Change?

Sadly, as I drive around and observe even the spattering of political signs that I see now, I am left sullen. As this article publishes it will be about one year and three weeks from the next national election. The normally beautiful yards of my little burg will be inundated with political signs promoting candidates from all over the political spectrum. Furthermore, the normally picturesque landscape of my region will see the lumbering and ugly behemoth political signs marring the beauty of the bluff country I live in.

Christians who plant political signs would not be caught dead “advertising” the beauty of Christ crucified to their neighbors. Many Christians who boldly declare themselves politically affiliated show no fear of alienating their neighbors. Yet, they would never dream of running that same risk for the cause of the Gospel.

When pushed to be obedient to the Great Commission by Front Loading the Gospel into their relationships, they beg off. They gladly support a serial adulterer and willingly looking the hypocrite. Instead they espouse family values, while they claim that they are building relationships with neighbors. This they claim is a necessity before “sharing the Gospel” with them. Yet, I wonder if they have thought about the stumbling block their political signs are to Gospel Advancement.

I know this seems incredibly hard edged and pointed. However, it isn’t without much thought. Often, WCC, both left and right, displays far more trust in voting power than they do the power of God.

“If I could just put one more giant sign in my yard my neighbors will be convinced of my position.”

When Political Signs Replace Gospel Faithfulness

God has made it clear that He is in control of all things. There isn’t a single event in human history that He hasn’t orchestrated. As so many Confessions have pointed out, being in control He is still not the author of sin. This level of sovereign control is not an excuse to withdraw. That would be Pietism. We do not need Pietism, we need piety.

As I have already stated, we have subjugated Advancing the Gospel to political affiliation and activism. We think that it starts with our political signs. And we are convinced it culminates in convincing our neighbors and others to vote our party ticket.

Calvin said this, “When God chooses to judge a nation, He gives them wicked rulers.” Perhaps we would do well to remember. We need to wrestle with the truth that it is the Gospel that God uses to affect change in people.

Yes, we have abdicated our Gospel responsibility in favor of political activism. Government has become god and voting has become prayer. Political signs have become evangelism and we are not ashamed…

Bringing the Gospel to Bear on People Changes the World

If we really desire to have a beneficial effect on the world around us, we need to be Gospel minded. We need to begin to affect change by preaching Christ crucified for sinners to all.

Sure, we can argue and debate the finer points of things like abortion and biblical marriage. Perhaps, given time and repetition we can win debates. Maybe eventually convincing people to vote our way. Perhaps, given an overwhelming amount of materials our leftist neighbors will change directions. However, does this truly change the world?

Adolph Hitler was able to convince the overwhelming amount of Germans to side with him in the early 1900s. Would anyone argue that this was a success?

A people that can be convinced of one political argument on one day can be swayed to the other view the next. The political entity offering the most to each special interest group will have sway. In our fallen nature we are fickle. The person presenting an argument will seem right until the other side presents theirs.

Therefore, the Gospel is fundamentally vital to affecting change in the world. I am not interested in swaying people to my political position. I want there to be fundamental heart change that radically transforms the entire person. This type of conversion will result in a radical shift in even the thought process. You know, having your minds conformed and all that?

Imagine a world where the message of the Gospel is so central to the being of each person that you cannot exit your home without hearing it proclaimed. Do you think for a minute that this would not impact the political sphere far more than political signs?

The Political Signs of Compromised Christian Thought

For far too long we have relied on elected officials to represent us and to do what is right. Certainly, this is something that can be possible. However, lest we forget, it was a “conservative” SCOTUS that ruled in favor of abortion on demand. Those same conservative justices were themselves appointed by allegedly traditional presidents.

This trend has continued for the last 40+ years. Abortion has become the hot button issue of every major election since Roe Vs Wade was decided. Politicians have pandered to their electorate. Leftist have prevailed time and again. The right leaning Pro-Life movement has become entrenched in the Republican party. They are merely serving as a parachute on the dragster that is its trek towards progressivism.

Conservative Christians are promised time and again that their vote for “Pro-Life” Republicans will save babies. Instead of observing the lack of delivery on these promises Pro-Lifers continue to support the neutered Pro-Lifers. The leftist gleefully win victory after victory laughing at their enemy’s lack of ability to win any major battles.

Nevertheless, instead of changing their tactics, alleged Christians concerned for life continue to vote for rock-ribbed Republicans. These stubborn members of the ruling elite continue with their empty promises. Never intending to produce any lasting results. However, they do produce tons of political signs claiming that they love the Preborn.

Failing to Bring the Gospel to Bear

Consequently, the battle to save the Imago Dei in the womb is fought on paper. However, it goes nowhere in the halls of Congress. Thus, God continues to look down in severe displeasure upon the compromised voting block of His Elect. He is waiting for them to wake.

Instead of facing reality they have become pawns used to win elections in games of political chess. Conservative Christians hold their noses and vote for those that betray them at every turn. What will it take for us to wake up and stop posting the political signs of failing allies. Instead, we need to recognize the political signs of compromise?

This should be enough to drive us to finally take the war to the enemy in the only way that we are promised will work. Gospel preaching!


I realize this may come off as a rambling screed of invectives against political involvement. Conversely, that is the last thing I want all 8 of my readers to take away from this. I firmly believe that we have the freedom to be involved politically. More importantly, we have a biblical duty to be properly active.

First and foremost, our sole desire should be to glorify God and magnify Him in all that we do. Secondly, this means proclaiming His word to a lost world. By bringing the Gospel to bear on the lost and on important issues such as abortion and sexual immorality, we have the impact that God intended.

When faced with a demon that was too powerful for them to cast out, the disciples of Christ besought Christ inquiring how to succeed. Jesus, having just rebuked the unbelieving father of the possessed child, answers them “only by prayer.”

Why do I bring this up? It isn’t to imply that we need to see demons in the political world and then go about casting them out. It is to remind us that we have the answers to all the world’s problems. Our hope isn’t in elected officials or in ruling elites. Our hope is in the Lord. He has given us the message of the Gospel to proclaim to the world.

If we desire to have political clout simply for the sake of it, we err. Instead, if we desire to see souls saved regardless of their political power, we will change the world.

Instead of planting political signs in yards we will plant the cross in the hearts of the people of the world. That is true impact!

Soli Deo Gloria!


Babies Are Still Murdered Here: A Humbling Review

When Pro-Aborts and Pro-Lifers Know What Babies Are…

When a dear brother asked me to review Babies Are Still Murdered Here, I was thrilled. I have spent much time thinking about abortion and contemplating its ramifications on society and culture as a whole. Consequently, in that time I have watched my own position on abortion grow and mature to where it is now. So much so, I have written two articles on the subject previously; here and here.

Furthermore, where I have landed came with a lot of battle and uproar in my own circle of friends. Even before my conversion in 2004, I was Pro-life. I made exceptions for cases of rape, incest and danger to the mother’s life. All of this was coming from a “Christian” perspective. So, I thought. What I did not realize then, was that being Pro-life was not the same as being against abortion. I would have argued that I wanted an end to abortion. However, the way I argued always left the door open for abortion being a necessity in the “real world”. It wasn’t until shortly before Babies Are Murdered Here (1) was released that I started to consider my position.

The more I listened to the movers and shakers in the Pro-Life Movement the more I realized that they weren’t invested in ending abortion, merely slowing it down. It would be easy to say with a certain level of cynicism that this meant job security for Pro-Life Lobbyist. So, I will say it; Pro-Life work is a full-time job for them. Babies Are Still Murdered Here goes to great lengths  in the film to demonstrate this truth.

Moreover, BAMH demonstrates that Pro-Aborts and the leadership of Big Pro-Life, have their arms interlinked. Their arguments depend on one another.

We Can’t Trust Them

What BAMH manages to do in this film is take a deep dive into the industry that the Pro-Life movement has become. Time and again big names within the movement have actively fought against legislation that would criminalize abortion; at all levels. The behind the scenes candid interviews with the movers and shakers make it clear, that Pro-Life leaders no longer value the PreBorn Imago Dei. If they ever did.

Scene after scene juxtaposes the everyday battle of the regular Christian hungering for justice for the Preborn with the action of those that claim to side with their cause but instead betray them. In what can only be described in a shocking admission, one Big Pro-life leader openly admits that he isn’t interested in boldly battling abortion, he sees quiet subterfuge as the best means to accomplish the goals Pro-life leaders have set.

It is in this moment that End Abortion Now is born. Tired of the incrementalist approach to ending the murder of our most innocent, the founders of End Abortion Now, take a bold stand. Their rallying cry is not that they need a massive army but a faithful remnant. Harkening to the account of Judges 7 and  the army of 300, End Abortion Now takes the role of Gideon trusting God to deliver the battle into their hands. Instead of trusting those that have demonstrated they are not prepared to fight.

Babies are a Battleground

Babies Are Still Murdered Here takes us from Texas to Florida, to Oklahoma to New York and Arizona.  Across the US the bodies of the Pre-Born may not riddle the landscape but the scars of their murder marr the psyche of the nation. These slaughtered 60,000,000+ (yes 60 Million+) sit as a stark judgment on the Professing Church in the West. Christians go blindly to the polls voting for what they think is a Pro-Life ticket. They have abdicated their responsibility to come to the defense of their most helpless neighbors thinking that politicians will do the work. Yet they are always betrayed…

BAMH tells us how misplaced this trust in men is. Man on the street interviews show us that even supposedly conservative Christian Pro-Life politicians have failed to overcome the lobbying power of Big Pro-life. The power play for positions of influence have shut down the conversation at legislative levels. BAHM tells us the truth. We have to take the fight out of the halls of congress to the abortion mills and to local government. Injustice is happening under the nose of the giant of sleeping Evangelicalism. Instead of participating in the fight most are burying their heads in the sand.

“I vote Pro-Life! I have done my part!” is the mantra. Meanwhile the incremental approach isn’t just ineffective, it is downright deceptive. Blindly coddling the guilty parties needed to commit the sin of murder, we can’t even get them to call abortion doctors murderers.

A Dying Wish Inspires a Gospel Fight

In what is the most emotionally impactful movement I have witnessed in a documentary, Babies Are Still Murdered Here introduces us to Jeremiah Thomas. Jeremiah died in August of 2018 battling against abortion with almost his last breath.

Unlike so many of his generation and generations before his, Jeremiah grasped the horror of abortion. It was his heart’s desire to see it ended in his lifetime. Jeremiah was relentless and unyielding, boldly calling on political leaders to end abortion at all costs. Even his dying wish to meet personally with the governor of Texas was to call for the Pro-Life governor to take up the cause of abolishing abortion.

Everywhere that Jeremiah’s story has been told the men and women who understand the evil of abortion have been moved to bring the Gospel to bear on the worst of sins. Instead of drowning in sorrow Jeremiah’s own father takes the banner that Jeremiah waved and continues to fight to protect the innocent.

In the End Only The Gospel Will Do…

The filmmakers and the participants of Babies Are Still Murdered Here are resolute. It isn’t our mere presence at an abortion mill or passing laws that will end abortion in the USA or the world. It must be God and His Gospel that is brought to bear on this most grievous of sins.

There can only be one conclusion to this matter. Either the USA will repent and turn as her people heed the call of the Gospel and turn away from abortion. Or it will be judgment for the nation. There is no happy-medium.

We cannot go on slaughtering the Pre-born Image Dei with impunity without God judging such wickedness. This must end.

Therefore, Gospel minded Christ-centered Christians are the only answer that our innocent neighbors can depend on. This film works to remind us that we need to be about rescuing those that are being taken away to the slaughter.

You will not be comfortable watching this documentary. You will cry and you will cringe. There may even be pangs of guilt deep in your gut as there were in mine. Yet, take hope! God is good and He forgives even inactivity.

In whatever way you can, take the Gospel to the fight and bring it to bear on abortion. Do not settle for incremental murder when you can instead, fight for the Preborn by preaching the Gospel.

You must watch this film.

Soli Deo Gloria!


No Apologies, I am Here to See You Converted

Apologies, We Don’t Need No Apologies!

You’ll forgive the riff on Blazing Saddles, but somethings need riffing. Yet, I am also serious, I offer no apologies. Some of you may not know this, but for my “tent making” I am consigned to the perpetual purgatory of passing shift work. This means that every 56 days I rotate from day shifts to night shifts. This means that for 56 days I sleep during the day. To better drowned out the sounds of the daytime activities I have begun using passive noise and white noise to aid my sleep.

Today, I was looking for someone reading Scripture to help cover the noise of neighbors mowing. The first young lady I chose started out by explaining that she was a Christian. Consequently, she went on to offer an apology to her viewers insisting that she wasn’t trying to force her religion down their throats.

I immediately turned her off and said to myself, “No apologies are needed.”

By-and-large, this is common in WCC. I hear this from literally hundreds of Professing Christians every year. They do not want their faith to be an offense to the world around them. Everything about them screams that they are ashamed of Christ.

No Apologies for Being Honest

I don’t mind offering an apology for the way some folks have been treated by professing Christians. There are times that it is vitally important to recognize the grievous sins committed by some in the name of the God they claim to serve.

Conversely, I just can’t see myself offering the same for unabashed boldness and sincerity. I make no apologies for truth. Sure, it is possible to be a truthful jerk. However, Scripture commands us to speak the truth in love. It isn’t always easy to find that balance when dealing with the lost world. Moreover, it is even harder to find that line when dealing with fellow Christians.

Sadly, the people often most easily offended are those who should be about the about the work of bearing, believing and loving. There are times that they will rush to run interference between bold Christians and the lost world. Making no apologies for their cowardice, they are quick to point out that the bold ones amongst us do not speak for all of Christendom.

No Apologies for Front Loading the Gospel

I use the phrase Front Loading the Gospel often. (My meaning is explained here.)  I often find that those who struggle with Front Loading the Gospel are struggling to agree with Paul in Romans 1:16. They are indeed ashamed of the Gospel. They are ashamed of Jesus and would rather offend Him than be pariahs in the world they live in.

Yet, I assert that we should make no apologies for Front Loading the Gospel into our interactions with others. I don’t mean to imply that every single conversation with every single person needs to be all Gospel all the time. However, what I am asserting is that we should make no apologies for our desire to see the lost won to Christ.

I used to quote Piper quite a bit because I loved his creed, “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” I still love the thought behind that statement. Indeed, The WCF makes it clear that the chief end of man is to love God and enjoy Him forever. Nonetheless, as of late I have begun to adopt Douglas Wilson’s creedal statement (don’t worry I am not losing my mind, Doug has some great things to say.) “All of Christ for all of life and all the world.” To me this is the very epitome of what it means to advance the Gospel into the world. We, despite differences in our eschatological views, can agree that Christ is the answer for all of life and all the world.

When we approach the world with this perspective, there is no reason for backtracking. No apologies are needed for Front Loading the Gospel.

Just Preach The Gospel 

At no time in the Christian life do we need to explain to the people around us that we aren’t there to “force our religion” down their throats. This is why theology matters. If you think that merely telling others about your beliefs is a form of coercion than you don’t understand the Gospel.  Simply put, we need make no apologies for stating our beliefs.

Furthermore, the goal of any conversation we have about our faith should be conversion. I can’t force my beliefs on any person. Genuine Christian

Hi Brian!

living has never been an issue of force. There is no argument that both Protestants and Roman Catholics have done atrocious things in the name of God. It can’t be avoided. However, the historical atrocities do not trump theological realities. Conversion is all of God. We are merely the tools by which His Word is delivered.

Incidentally, I have two friends that I met by way of the public proclamation of the Gospel. These two friends, Brian and Eric, are devoted Roman Catholics. Shortly after meeting Brian in Lanesboro Minnesota he asked to interview me for the podcast that he hosts with Eric. The Passing Currents podcast is unabashedly RC (not the Sproul variety). From the moment I met Brian I was interested in his conversion. Brian knows that. The interview made it clear that we both had the same goal. The conversion of the other.

I did not start the interview with some statement explaining I wasn’t there to convert Brian. It is clear that I am about seeing souls saved. Throughout the interview Brian and I make friendly jabs at one another about the topic. Brian and Eric and I all want the conversion of each other. Our friendship is built on that level of honesty. No apologies!


I mean it. I make no apologies. If you are reading this, I am hoping that you are converted and living for Christ. I pray that you are pursuing holiness without which no one will see God. That is my desire. If you are reading this and you do not know Christ and pretend that you do, I want you to be converted. Perhaps you are living in abject rebellion against God, I want you to be converted too.

Again, no apologies. I am coming at you with the Gospel. I am going to push you into uncomfortable places. The Gospel requires it. I will tell you without equivocation, I know you are wrong. I am unapologetic about that. If you are outside of Christ, trusting in anything but Him alone for salvation, you are wrong. That is the most loving thing I can tell you.

No Apologies!

Soli Deo Gloria!