What Prompted Writing About COVID19 Responses?

I recently observed a conversation about varied COVID19 responses. Sadly, I was amazed at the level of vitriolic lambasting that was taking place. Now, one would assume that most of the vitriol would come from folks opposed to government intervention. Especially considering that the way those folks (people like me) are painted. One would assume that they are all brainless conspiracy theory nuts. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

One commentator referred to the average COVID19 responses as baseless and fear-driven; being used by governing authorities to control the populace. Here is a response to that one comment (the response appears un-redacted or edited so as to be presented fairly and accurately) …

The Comment 

“Can someone please tell me how a group or the government benefits by using this as a “scare tactic”? Perhaps if you’re not aware of the seriousness of this- ask yourself or educate yourself from history. The Spanish Flu or other pandemics. The simple things you are being asked to do- have limited the deaths or spread in the last. These are facts. Undisputed, a part of history. Perhaps instead of reading how to build a bunker 101, or Prepping for Russia to invade the Midwest- read those articles.

No political party benefits from not voting. No political party benefits from 100’s of thousands being infected or sick, no political party benefits from from a poor economy or the economy not opening. Stop following the extreme right or extreme left narratives. Understand science. Ask the questions from the right people, the right sources. When you have the highest ranked medical institutions in the world telling you do this or that- none of them are linked to the government. Follow them and their advice.

He Continued

For those of you who are not high risk. Ask yourself this: are you not high risk because because you’re healthy? Or because you don’t go to the doctor to get checked? There’s a huge difference. We know, hypertension, type II diabetics, autoimmune disease and those with obesity and lung problems are at a higher risk for severe cases. Ask yourself who in my family or circle of friends as fits one or more of these? Maybe not our youth- or do they have an undiagnosed problem? There’s the issue.

Those who believe the death toll is low- wait 10-14 days. That’s when the mortality increases from the point of infection. Now, the younger population has spread this to the high risk. Watch the mortality increase. Godspeed to those who don’t believe this is real. This is not a scare tactics- these are facts. People are trying to help you. It’s like being a child- don’t touch that hot stove, it’s hot. Some of you for some reason just need to get burned in order to realize- wow! That stove is hot.” End quote

Let’s Compare Current COVID19 Responses to History 

Let’s start with the entire tenor of the comment from the opening line to the last two sentences. The entire comment is one long screeching screed of vomited talking points of a person who has been spoon-fed their information. I say this because I have seen these regurgitated talking points numerous times from a drove of countless automatons mindlessly parroting what they have been taught.

From the opening question to the accusation that anyone who dares question the narrative is building bunkers and waiting for a Russian invasion; this entire remark is a form of gas-lighting at the hands of flying monkeys.

Let’s Talk About Spanish Flu, History and COVID19 Responses Shall We?

The questioner starts with what could be a valid question, “Can someone please tell me how a group or a government benefits by using this as a “scare tactic”?” Moreover, had they stopped there, it would have led to a very useful and eye-opening discussion. Had I been engaging with this interlocutor I would gladly taken the time to engage on this single point.

History Supports Doubt in the Validity of COVID19 Responses

Here is how I would have replied:

“Well, since you asked, and made a reference to studying history, and asked how it would benefit a group or government to use COVID19 as a scare tactic, I would like to take a glance at history. Shall we begin with early AD historical accounts?

Rome used fear to persecute Christians by accusing them of carrying diseases, pestilence and causing all matter of disasters.   remarked in his writings that:
“They think the Christians the cause of every public disaster, of every affliction with which the people are visited. If the Tiber rises as high as the city walls, if the Nile does not send its waters up over the fields, if the heavens give no rain, if there is an earthquake, if there is famine or pestilence (literally a pandemic disease), straightway the cry is, “Away with the Christians to the lions!”

Or what of the Roman Catholic attack on a wide range of peoples throughout the history of Papal rule. The Pope and his officiants would often blame diseases on witches and witchcraft and accuse their enemies of such to justify imprisoning them or executing them. These tactics worked well in controlling the masses.

Not to be outdone, some Protestants blamed diseases on witches and executed the accused to end the spread of disease.

However, we are not quite done yet. These types of tactics weren’t relegated to ancient eras. They were used in what we often consider the modern era as well.”

Modern Tactics Used to Build Control Through Fear and Dependency

“In the modern world governing powers have continued to use fear and manipulation to control the masses. Maybe no greater example of this can be found than in the Third Reich. The Reich blamed Jews, and others for disease, financial disaster and even the loss of WW1. So, while Reich tactics are not completely similar to current COVID19 responses they are not wholly dissimilar

But don’t think for a minute it was just the Reich. Communist revolutionaries and party leaders, in China, Russia and eastern Europe moved quickly to paint certain segments of the population as the enemy, as dangerous, for not toeing the established line. Often that line was delineated over issues such as the common good and safety of the people.

Yet, the US wasn’t immune to such tactics in modern history. Germans during WW2 were suspect along with Italians. The US government went so far as to round up Japanese citizens and place them in internment camps. The American people went along with this willingly. But why? Because the propaganda machine was working overtime. Every tragic accident or outbreak of illness was the result of “Tojo” and his Japanese sympathizers in the US.

However, it did not end there. McCarthy came on the scene and he started seeing Commies everywhere. While I take some exception to McCarthyism, I am starting to see what had him so worried.

Lest we forget, September 11th, 2001, there are issues there as well. Remember the “See Something Campaign” and the eventual inception of and forming of the Department of Homeland Security? In just a little over a year from the attacks, the leaders of the US had managed to create a department out of whole cloth. It was fabricated from the concept of, “See Something Say Something”.

So How Does All This Relate to COVID19 Responses and Spanish Flu Todd?

The interlocutor I am responding to referred to studying history as it relates to Spanish Flu. The implication being that the history of the Spanish Flu and other pandemics would prove that no government official would ever use a pandemic or anything else to scare or control the citizens. Just the few examples I listed demonstrate the utter ridiculousness of such an assertion.

WW1 itself was sparked through government manipulation of the citizenry. Worse still, medical professionals and historians agree that Spanish Flu itself was spread more rapidly as a result of the war. The officials on both side of the Maginot line downplayed the severity of the flu. It was this intentional propaganda campaign meant to mislead both sides of the conflict that delivered masses of infected combatants back to their homelands.

Moreover, the governing officials did their best to cover this up as well. This led to unsuspecting soldiers carrying the contagion to their loved ones all over the Western Word. While the current governmental handling of this latest pandemic is directly opposite to that of the powers that were in control during WW1, they are two sides of one coin.

A government terrified that the populace would panic if they knew about infection rates of returning soldiers made a terrible decision. This horrible decision led to massive infectious outbreaks. Today, elected individuals and unelected bureaucrats in an attempt to quell their own fears, have gone to great extremes to instill fear in the populace.

As the current model of inculcating the populace with fear of COVID19 rages on, the populace complies. Even more, the populace sheepishly acquiesces to mandates and sometimes mere suggestions. Consider the folks already wearing goggles and face shields to go grocery shopping. Thank-you Birx and Fauci!

Propaganda and Misplaced Trust

As we consider how COVID19 is being portrayed by Legacy Media we are left to contemplate some things. Chiefly, that is whether COVID19 responses are appropriate or governmental overreach?

I recently wrote a guest commentary to a local paper about an example of government overreach. In this piece I explained that there are compounding and self-replicating problems with how the government proceeds to infringe on We the People. Everything from telling property owners how to maintain their lawns and buildings to the idea of prosecuting private citizens under hate crimes statutes.

Therefore, we can ask ourselves, “How far into our lives do we want to allow the government to reach when it comes to our health?”

If we believe that the penners of the Declaration were serious, we need some critical thinking regarding COVID19 responses. The most famous line from the Declaration is this:
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness..”

If we take this seriously, we must ask how life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are ensured? To what extent do elected servants and unelected bureaucrats get to interpose on these God granted endowments?

The first step in understanding this is to reject media driven propaganda. Consequently, merely hearing something from Legacy Media is not enough. No source of information is without bias or agenda. The sooner we recognize and embrace this truth, the sooner we can get to the root of our problems.

The second step is to recognize that our role is not to blindly trust government.

The Nine most Terrifying Words in the USA 

President Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” This is as true today as it was then.

This is the crux of how we are to approach all governmental oversight. Of any kind.

The Constitution is inherently built on a lack of trust for governing authorities. It certainly strives to limit government interference in the lives of We the People. Not one aspect of the Constitution or Bill of Rights seeks to limit the power of a free people. Conversely, it is set up in negative rights. Negative rights are those things that cannot be stripped from you, chiefly by government.

When elected servants step in to “assert their power” to tell us how to live, we have a problem. Consequently, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, are negative rights. They belong to us by endowment from God and no elected servant or bureaucrat can infringe upon them.

Therefore, the power to tell us stay in our homes, to wear a facial coverings all under threat of the penalty of law is not allowed  to them. The protection of any portion of our society (no matter how small or large) at the expense of another portion is a problem. It is not merely neutral and left for interpretation. It isn’t constitutional or merely a-constitutional. Instead it is actively unconstitutional. It is active usurpation of our highest earthly authority by those most directly restricted by the Constitution. Elected servants.

When elected servants or unelected bureaucrats strip liberty from We the People under the guise of protecting life, they have stolen for themselves the power to also strip us of our lives and our pursuit of happiness.

When Rights Collide the Greater Good is to Err on the Side of Liberty

Your right to life does not supersede my right to liberty or pursuit of happiness. Moreover, the right to life is not a guarantee of freedom from danger. Your right to life must fit within the framework of pursuing happiness while exercising your God-bestowed liberty.

These three things will never mesh perfectly in society for individuals. Each person must approach them all in a fashion wherein they are operating within the bounds of not infringing on the rights of others. However, if there is conflict (and there will be) the greater good is the preservation of liberty for the whole.

Demanding that even the smallest segment of We the People be forced into compliance with governmental mandates that you embrace because you desire to be free from risk is precisely why we are not a democracy. Today it may be a demand that the threat of the force of law be brought to bear on all people to wear facial coverings as COVID19 responses. Many of you will applaud that.

However, tomorrow, it may mean that your religious liberties are stripped from you because some bureaucrat has determined that your beliefs are dangerous to another segment of society. So, threat of the force of law is brought to bear on you to cease practicing that liberty. Where are you comfortable drawing the line?

Yes, with Liberty and Life and the Pursuit of Happiness come responsibilities. But forcing We the People to take responsibility for others at the point of the governmental gun is not congruent with the responsibilities that come from Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. You may call that statement hyperbolic. But is it? I call it a legitimate use of Argumentum Reductio Ad Absurdum. It is literally the ultimate end to what you demand.

The Use of Logical Fallacies and Prideful Presumption

I watched this conversation take place between people I know in the real world. Much of the comment I have spent time responding to was pointedly directed at me. The individual who made the comment works in an allegedly prestigious (I say highly overrated) nationally known medical center that pulls the arrogance and pride out of the hearts of many of its employees. While someone else was the brunt of his pride and maliciousness because I refused to engage after an initial comment, I was still the intended target.

Worse still, another person used my grandchild as a tool to attempt to devastate my position. She pointedly insinuated I don’t care about my precious granddaughter for refusing to wear a facial covering in public places or in my grandchild’s presence. Even going so far as to imply that if she were to get sick and die it would be my fault. This individual works at the same overrated medical facility.

Both appealed to their employment and occupation as the source of their superior view on COVID19 responses. This logical fallacy, Ad Verecundiam (Appeal to Authority) presupposed their stature over me by assuming that any argument that they offer will trump mine.

When it Comes to COVID19 Responses Where do Your Take Your Stand

In the end, we must all acknowledge that we will draw a line in the sand somewhere. There is point we will not cross. There is a limit. A place where we will take a stand and not back-down.

For me, it is here. It will be of no benefit to We the People if we sacrifice Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for the fallacious argument that somehow Life can be truly lived without the other two. I refuse to leave to my children and grandchildren a world where we are apparently “kept safe” from a virus by the threat of force under the law. I will not leave them a nation where Liberty has been exchanged for safety, of any kind. Safety by governmental force is not safety; it is enslavement.

A nation, where we implicitly trust that elected servants, unaccountable bureaucrats and the Legacy Media are genuinely watching out for us is not a safe nation. It is a nation of slaves and servile mewling victims. I will not be responsible for leaving that to my loved ones and my neighbors.

Undoubtedly I will  fight, tooth and nail, for this Republic. I will fight with every ounce of my strength to preserve Her and keep her from the masses demanding democracy. I will resist every effort under any guise to transform Her from a land where we know Life, Pursuit of Happiness and LIBERTY into a place of stark “safety” and slavish compliance to the “greater good”.

In the end, you may or may not protect the nation from a virus with a survival rate of greater than ninety-seven percent. But I will protect Her from people like you that will gladly see her ruined just to be safe from suffering…

Soli Deo Gloria!