Why I Started

About two months ago I started an expose series on the book ReThink by Brad Brisco. I started the series after being exposed to the author and the book by the elder of my now former congregation. The decision was made to go public with my thoughts after being rebuffed and told I was overreacting. I simply believed I was dealing with error.

Moreover, my salvation was called into to question for daring to offer critiques. There were calls for unity and to love because that was what God would want. It became abundantly clear that sound doctrine and standing for the truth were to be sacrificed on the altar of unity. People that I was used to standing alongside of while dealing with error were now walking away.

There were several email exchanges and private conversations. Eventually there was a meeting between the sole elder of the congregation, his ministry assistant and my wife and me. The meeting only showed there were deeper divides than I originally believed.

Within two weeks of the meeting I received and email from said elder directing me to not come back to the church. While the email was written in a non-hostile way, it was clear that the view was that I was the problem.

Moving On

I read the entire book despite being asked to not come back to the church. Accordingly, I wrote several articles and published them. I did what I perceived to be the right thing in dealing with error. I have also recorded several videos dealing with error in those affiliated with the author of the book.

Sadly, this has been incredibly hard on me emotionally and spiritually. There have been moments of abject depression in losing those I considered dear friends. Some of these have been close friends for ten years or more.

I’ve decided to move on from writing the articles. I have pages and pages of notes, and there may be more videos to come, but I am moving on. I can’t be responsible for dealing with error everywhere I see it. That does not mean I won’t stand for truth or sound doctrine. Moreover, it doesn’t mean I won’t tackle problems when they come my way. I am just moving on from this one. I am washing my hands of it. Please feel free to reach out to me

Soli Deo Gloria!