Bringing Edmund Burke to Bear on the Church

Most of us know Sir Edmund Burke. Even if we have no idea who he was. He may be one of the most oft quoted men from “recent” history. Perhaps his most famous statement is this, “Those who do not know history are destined to repeat it.” My only modification to this statement would be from destined to doomed. If you are not a student of history for something despite passing a test, you are doomed to be taken down by your lack of knowledge.

Nowhere is this more applicable than the Church in the West today. Those of us that are observers of society and culture through the lens of current events and history often stand as vanguards. For some that is strictly societal. For still others it may be intrinsically linked to our particular worldviews. An atheist can stand as a part of a cultural vanguard decrying the extremism they see. The Christian can do the same. Moreover, they can be allies in this endeavor.

Either way, the worldview or position may be different. However, the warnings will oft sound the same.

But Todd, The Church Can’t be Doomed

I know I know. I am well aware of the gates of hell and the inability of those gates to resist. But I am not sure that most Christians have any inkling of what that means. This is where Burke’s quote comes in handy.

Was Edmund, as I alluded to earlier, merely urging his readers to study history academically? No. Far from it. Edmund was pushing his readers to a depth of understanding that had consequences. Subsequently, this depth would drive the individual to be vigilant. But vigilance toward what end?

In the case of the Church, I would argue that the end would be an avoidance of obsolescence. The Church has often been “doomed”. Much of this by cultural and societal upheavals. Consider the early days of the Christian movement. Rome had all but doomed the Church to a life of obscurity. The early Christians, Followers of the Way, were labeled atheist by Rome. Any religion that believed in only one God was no real religion in the eyes of Caesar.

Then with the rise of a centralized Christian monarchy the Church appeared to be doomed again. How could any organization survive the internal conflicts that were raging? It seemed at times that what Caesar could not accomplish, The Schism would.

But that wasn’t enough. The doomed Church survived. Eventually another threat arose seeming to bring with it the impending death that had shadowed her for hundreds upon hundreds of years. What Caesar and the Schism could not accomplish the printing press just might.

Some upstart priest in Bohemia spurred on by a “mad Englishman” gave wing to a mad German monk. Clearly, the doomed Church wasn’t going anywhere.

Or was it?

If the Church Can’t be Doomed, what are you Blathering on About Todd?

So, earlier I talked about the people who serve as the vanguards of society. In particular, I recently wrote a little about the “watchmen” of the Church. But why is this important?

Some today consider themselves watchmen on the wall if you will. These folks spend a preponderance of their time discerning the demons in every detail. You know the types. Like the lady who saw her fifteen minutes of fame explaining how Monster energy drink is a forerunner for the Beast by utilizing 666 in its logo. Yes. You read that right. In the eyes of these people, all society is doomed. Further, Satan and his minions are behind all of it.

Then enters in the way most Christians understand the Gates of Hell. If you speak to most Christians these days, they misunderstand Jesus’ statement about the gates of hell and their level of “imperviousness”. Subsequently, they view Hell as the aggressor and the Church holding a defensive position. However, when Jesus uttered that statement He was speaking to his disciples from Caesarea Philippi. He was referring to a defensive position that would have been well-known to his hearers. This place was often referred to as, yup, you guessed it.

Jesus was using an object lesson. “Look there. You know that place. Armies flung themselves against those gates and were destroyed there in that hellish place. But not you my people. Not my Church. No defensive position, not even one this strong, will hold back the Church.”

So, no, the Church will not be doomed. Ultimately, even society isn’t doomed. Because the Church is meant to be an offensive army, not a defense force. Vanguards aren’t standing on towers watching for danger, they are the forefront of the army. The spearhead.

Doomed Through Acquiescence?

Sir Edmund Burke taught us many things. Not only did he so eloquently compel us to know history, but he also warned us about silence in the face of evil. In a time where trite statement such as “White silence is white violence”, Burke would point us to a truth no one wants to espouse.

In a letter to Thomas Mercer Burke said this, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Certain theological underpinnings about good people aside, Burke was dead on. Sadly, this statement can be applied to the Western Church today.

Over and over we are watching as pastors and theologians acquiesce to societal pressure. Their actions are sure to lead to a weakened visible Church. Men and women, people that should be seen as “good”, have doomed their local congregations and even other Christians, to uselessness.

In many cases the perpetrators of compromise merely remain silent in the face of the all-out assault on what is morally pure and true. In still others they actively do the opposite of standing for good. Instead, their actions undermine the very fabric of the Church and a stable society.

But make no mistake. The blame for this isn’t laid solely on the shoulders of compromised Christian leaders. It also falls on the mousy squeamish laity as well. When we observe inaction in the face of the evil of compromise, we should speak up. If we see pastors and theologians sitting idly by or gladly joining in with the throngs, we are not obligated to follow. Instead, we should take up the battle cry.

The Culture War is Real and our Allies Make for Strange Bedfellows

Last year I became a fan of Peter Boghossian and James Lindsey. I became aware of them through a conversation they had with Michael O’Fallon of Sovereign Nations. Peter and James are avowed atheists taking on the fight against Social Justice. I had never viewed atheists as enemies, but I never would have imagined that I could rightly align myself with them in a fight against moral decay. No matter my respect for Ayn Rand or men like Stefan Molyneux, the idea of being able to link arms in this fight was beyond my comprehension.

Then I came across a podcast that was mind-blowing. The hosts were saying the very things that I have been saying for over a decade. I realized that I wasn’t insane. Compromise was everywhere. The war on traditional values and culture was real. I found myself “amening” Carter and Keri. Then to my shock and utter dismay Carter confesses his conversion to atheism from Christianity. Worse-still Keri confessed her Classical Liberal beliefs and her conversion to Christianity away from SJW ideology.

What was I supposed to do? Christians, true believers, should have been my greatest allies. Yet, the people most often betraying traditional values and abandoning the moral high ground leaving me standing alone, were supposedly Christian. How could I amen Carter and Keri?

However, I couldn’t walk away. But why? Because truth is truth. There are moral absolutes out there and there is such a thing as right and wrong. So, while the voice speaking that truth may have arrived at it from a different angle, they are still speaking truth.

Sadly, today it is easier and saner for me to call Carter, Keri, Peter and James my allies, than it is most Christians. Strange and sad as it is, it is true.

A Last Appeal to the Doomed Compromisers

As pressure mounts on the Church to cave in and bow the knee to societal upheaval, we must stay strong. Holding the line is not enough. Merely holding the line is not actively doing something. We must reflect the philosophical reality of Sir Edmund Burke and embrace truth. We must act.

As the French Revolution waged war on biblical values and the Roman Catholic Church, Burke, an Anglican, decried the loss of a moral source of truth and goodness. As the populist masses of France abandoned their belief in God, they embraced chaos and murder. The same forces at work during the French Revolution are at work in the New American Revolution. The masses are angry.  Subsequently, they want heads to roll.

Do not wait for your pastors and the theologians you respect to give marching orders. Chances are they won’t. Why? Because they have acquiesced to the social pressures to repent of their whiteness. They have confessed their bourgeoisie and knelt before the demands of the proletariat. Gramscian Marxism is hidden behind terms such as Social Justice and Intersectionality. Many pastors and theologians and laity are afraid of being labeled enemies of the proletariat for rejecting these wicked teachings.

Do not be one of these doomed people. Rise up! Take back the Church from the internal enemies bent on compromise for the sake of a Right Think. Allow your Wrong Think to drive you to the culture war before the People’s Revolutionary Guard cart you off to an SJW gulag.

In Conclusion

Remember, the Church was meant to be an army, not a cowering simp. Ally yourself with those who share your values even if they don’t agree with you in all things. If you don’t do this now, your nation is doomed, and with it the future of Freedom. Remember it was the Word of God that built this once great nation. Don’t let miscreants and cowards take it from you…

Soli Deo Gloria!