Ethnic Hatred is a Better Term Than Racism

Today, as in years past, we find ourselves speaking quite a bit about racism. The current drive towards calling out racism in all of its form and function is dominating the current cultural conversation. Today it isn’t enough to simply not be racist. You have to go further and be actively “anti-racist”. But I want to challenge the use of the words racist and racism. I assert there is a better phrase and it is ethnic hatred.

As so many of us have been saying for a long time, we are all one race. To be a racist is to possess hatred for all of humanity. Instead, when we see someone hate another based on skin color or ancestry of origin it isn’t racism but ethnic hatred. This is truth. There is a reason that God makes it abundantly clear that we are all offspring of Adam. Thus, we are all one race. But we are not all of the same ethnicity.

The Greek word used to talk about this is ethnos. It means nation. It draws a clear distinction between the race of man and very real differences between geographic locations and cultural variances. For the Church, especially Western Christian Culture, to be affective in the war against ethnic hatred, we need to shift our verbiage away from current cultural trends. Instead, we need to speak with authority on the issue because we have the clear authority of God to do so.

What We Need to Avoid

Conservative Christians, really the entire Conservative wing of the western world, is back pedaling and on the defensive. The Marxist Left, Spineless Reactionary Protectionism, has mastered the co-opting and corruption of language. They’ve managed to take words and phrases and find ways to affectively apply them to their enemies in heavy-handed manners. Through the tool of postmodern deconstructionism, the SRPs have managed to destroy language and history.

In response to this, conservatives are running in terror at the thought of being accused of racism or bigotry. Worse still, they are resorting to active “whataboutism” for their arguments. When the Left raises the specter of racism against the right or even the church, there are two common responses.

The first response is to actively deny the accusation by pointing at all the nonracist activities and programs they take part in. The second increasingly common response is to address the accusation by speaking of the history of slavery. Somehow, we have come to the place in our intellect, where it appears valid to argue that Africans were selling Africans to Europeans. So, it is the Africans that are to blame.

Let’s be clear. This is true. Africans were making war on Africans and enslaving each other long before the chattel slave trade to Europe and North America ever started.  But is this what we want to argue? Likewise, I find the use of the enslavement of Europeans by Africans prior to Western Chattel slave trade a poor argument as well. This “whataboutism” argumentation is simply a form of the Tu Quoque or “you too” logical fallacy. Somehow, the west is justified because the Africans started it?

Sounds stupid too me. Either chattel slavery is wrong, or it isn’t.

Ethnic Hatred is Evil, But Marxism Can’t Say That

Marxism wants to destroy the very fabric of Western culture and thought. To do that, Marxist have to erode confidence in those. This means arguing against the very things that gave rise to the greatness of Western thought and practice. The place this argument happens is in the realm of theology and philosophy.

Marxism is by design godless. As Nietzsche so famously said, “God is dead…” But that thought process did not escape Marx either. Marx writing a critique of Hegel stated, religion is the opium of the people…” While this is but a snippet of the entire work by Marx, the remaining paragraph tells us what he really thought:
“Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a spiritless situation. It is the opium of the people. The abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for their real happiness. The demand to give up the illusion about its condition is the demand to give up a condition which needs illusions.

Marxism, being just another form of Nihilism, can only function in a universe void of any superior supernatural being. We are often told that things like gender and sexuality are social constructs. The implication being that such things are inherently un-definable apart from what our current society tells us they should be. This very argument is precisely why Marxism itself runs into a fatal flaw. It tries to create a cultural divide between “races” based on its own social constructs. Without an objective standard to point to, Marxism cannot tell you why “racism” is evil. Marxist simply assert that it is.

Christian Theology Answers the Evil of Ethnic Hatred

Unlike the subjective nature of Marxist philosophy, Christian theology steps objectively into the murderous ideology of ethnic hatred and shuts it down. First, Christian theology, as previously stated, teaches that all men are born from the first man Adam. Second, this shared ancestral lineage brings with it the great equalizer of Adam’s fall into sin. Not only are we all one race, but we are all born into sin.

God looks down on us and sees all mankind as guilty in Adam’s sin. He does not look at outward appearance or the cultural perspective of the individual to determine their acceptability. All of humanity is equally unacceptable. But He does something even more powerful. He points us to the Eternal Moral Law and tells us that murder is wrong. Moreover, it isn’t just the act of murder, it is the heart-harbored hatred residing in us, that makes us murderers.

Christ comes into this mess of a human mass and shouts at us from the mountain top, literally and figuratively, that hating someone is murder. John reminds us that hating our brothers is a great sin. And what are all the other people around us but our brothers and sisters? We are all of Adam our first father. Even-more-so, we are all Imago Dei, hating another human being who is on equal footing with us is hating the Image of God in them.

The Ethnic Ideologue Oppression Olympics

This is where Christian theology cuts away the philosophic sophistry of Marxism. Marxism comes into the mess of human relations and has no footing. To gain ground Marxists must idealize the oppression of one group by another and insist it is wrong by social construct. This social construct is tenuous at best and deadly at worst. In the case of Ethnicism, Marxism redresses this oppression of one group by another through the tearing down of the perceived oppressor along ethnic lines. Instead of lifting the oppressed group up, it takes an axe to the trunk of the oppressor. This does not truly improve the lot of either group. Instead it works to make them all miserable and vulnerable to further manipulation as they look for who it is that is oppressing them.

Christianity comes into this and says enough. We are all sinful and in need of the Savior. Your plight as an oppressed person is nothing compared to your plight as an enemy of God. God does not care if you are slave or free, Jew or Greek. Male or female. He simply says bow the knee to me. Repent and believe the Gospel.

God does not play games or set-up Ethnic Oppression Olympics. In fact, He scoffs at such. Because He knows the human condition well enough that He knows the heart of the individual will lead them to oppress someone else. Even after they have begged to be set-free from their oppressor.

Marxism is an ever-looping death spiral of Nihilistic Societal Suicide. It offers no answers and no solutions that do not lead to blood-thirsty charnel houses.

The Gospel Call Brings Relief from Hatred

It is only the voice crying in the wilderness that comes with a message of ethnic hope. And it cries, “Come to Me all you who are weary and heavy-laden because I will give you rest…”

Soli Deo Gloria!