Prelude to Sufferin

Last year in October Calvin contributed an essay on Depravity and doggos. When we discussed his contribution at that time we also talked about animals and “sufferin”. Many times, Calvin has asked about why he must suffer when has never sinned. Below are his thoughts after many conversations.

Eyes Don’t Understand da Sufferin

On da sum timez eyes don’t feelz da bestus. On da sum timez my tummy hurtz purty badz and eyes have to throwz up.  Eyes knows dats da gross but itz da truths.

Dad tellz me itz da sufferin but eyes don’t understandz.

On da one timez Dad tooks me to da doctorz and eyes had to sleep on da over nightz. Da doctorz cutz my leg and tookz a bump off of itz. Eyes came home and waz da super sleepiez. Momma tookz da picture of me cuz she thought I looked da funniest. Eyes hadz da cone of shamez on for da days.

Dad said dat was partz of da sufferin too.

Eyes don’t understandz da sufferin…

Da Sufferin Isn’t For da Stuffz Eyes Did

Dad toldz me da once uponz da timez dat da Creator madez all of da animalz aforez He madez da peoplez. One timez Dad told me da storyz boutz da makin of stuffz. Dad readz it from da Creator’s Book.

Eyes like-ed da partz where da Creator madez da animalz. Wellz not all da animalz like da chippymunk.

Dad told me dat da Creator madez da peoplez lasted cuz da Creator had da special tingz for da peoplez to do.

Da lasted time eyes toldz stuffz it waz depravitiez. Eyes don’t have depravitiez like Momma and Dad haz depravitiez. Da firsted Momma and Dad didn’t have depravitiez too. But dey didz da badz and didn’t listenz to da Creator and dey atez da tingz dat Creator said not to eatz.

When da first Momma and Dad atez dat sum ting Creator got-ed madz and saidz da cursed on dem. Datz when da sufferin came-ed. Sewz now eyes got da sufferin tingz like-ed da owiez on my leg cuz da peoplez doez badz. Another sufferin is da fleaz and tick. On da sum timez Momma makez me has da oilz to keeped fleaz and tick from gettin me. Datz sufferin.

Another sufferin is gettin oldz. Dad tellz me on da ever dayz dat eyes gotz da white face like-ed da oldz man. I tinkz Dad is da oldz man cuz he gotz lotsa da white on his face. Eyes kinda sad cuz sum day Dad is gonna getz da sew oldz he diez. Dat is sufferin for me, but Momma and Etan Brudder and Kayya Sisser too. And eyes almosted forgetted Baby Florence Rose, she would have da sufferin too. Eyes likez Florence Rose, Dad sayz shez my niece. Sad sufferin is all dems diez sum dayz. Eyes too.

It Seemz da Unfair

Kayya Sisser had Baby Florence Rose a really long timez ago. (For clarification’s sake, Calvin doesn’t seem to understand that 2 and a half months is not all that long. Moreover, he also thinks that Summit visiting for a few hours is a very long time. So, his judgement on time may be off a bit.) Dad toldz me that Kayya Sisser had to have da special medicine cuz of da sufferin from Baby Florence Rose.

Dad told me da sum ting from da book Creator gaved us. He told me dat in dat book Creator sayz all of us creation animalz have da samez sufferinz wit havin babiez. Eyes don’t understand da sufferin. And on sum timez Dad getz da sad face and sayz itz not da fairz dat eyes gotz to have da sufferin.

Eyes try to remindz Dad dat da one part of da book from Creator sayz dat eyes know Creator is comin back and all da created animals really want to seez Creator. So, even if da sufferin is da unfair da animals know more bout Creator comin back then mosted peoplez do. Dats why da book sayz da creation is grumpilin for da Creator to return.

Jesus Had da Sufferin Too

Jesus is da Son kinda like Etan Brudder is Dad’s son. Dad told me dat Jesus is da Son and da Word dat did da creatin. Dad also toldz me dat Jesus da Son has da sum tings in commonz wit me.

Jesus has da sufferin likez eyes sufferin. Well not just likez my sufferin.

Jesus never had da sinz like da animals had no sinz. But Dad sayz dat when Jesus had da sufferin it waz worsed den mine sufferin. Jesus da Son is da second peoplez of da ting Dad call-ed da Trinity. But Jesus da Son was also da peoplez like Dad and Momma is da peoplez. But eyes waz so confuse-ed bout dat.

Jesus did dis ting eyes can’t believed. Jesus da Son took-ed all of da sinz of all of Creator’s peoplez and Jesus carried dem on His body. But Jesus did all dat after He live-ed all His life not sinnin. Da Creator made Jesus da Son take da punishing for Dad’s sinz. I tink dat is why all da create-ed tings; like-ed da animalz are waitin for Creator. Da animalz can’t understandin why Jesus da Son would be sew nice like dat.

In da book dat Creator gave-ed us der is dis Psalm dat says all da creation rejoices. I tink this is kinda like da singin animalz do for Creator. Animalz sing songz dat Creator gave-ed dem to sing. So, when Creator comes back and He does da judgin da animalz gonna sing bout it. We will do da singin cuz we are happy bout Creator doin right.

Do You Know Jesus da Son?

Dad tellz me all da timez dat Jesus only did the dyin ting for Creator’s people and not for da animalz. So, make sure dat you knowin dat Jesus da Son did dat for you. If Jesus getz here tomorrows eyes will do da singin for Him. But if you haven’t done da repentin and believin you need to.

Dad told me to say da Soli Deo Gloria!