About The Board

Rob Reece

I remember only being a rebel towards Gods law. I was selfish, self-involved, and hated everything religion based.

I remember my life slowly going down the dark path of addiction, and debauchery. Completely turning away from my family, wife and children.

I had lost everything.

No more home to live in. No more wife. Nothing.

My wife was on the verge of divorcing me and I had no where to turn except drugs and my other vices.

Until the faithful day that the Lord saw fit to deliver to me of what is of “upmost importance” – The Gospel.

I heard the message winter 2009 that Jesus, the perfect God-man died for a sinner like me.

Repented and believed that day.

And by Gods grace, I now live for Him with my wonderful wife (God saved my marriage and my wife through me), and now 5 children and serve as a deacon at my local church Heritage Grace Community Church, in Frisco, TX.


Kevin Jandt

Kevin came to Christ in 2009 going through a study called the Exemplary Husband by Stuart Scott.

Confronted with the reality that the God he believed he was serving did not line up with the God of the bible, Kevin came to faith in Christ and received Him as Lord and Savior.

He has a passionate desire to declare Christ to the nations through the open-air proclamation of the gospel.  He is a husband to Jennifer and father to Grace, Madeline, Lydia and Anna.


Barry Atwel

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a Christian home with parents who loved the Lord and my earliest memories was learning truth from the Bible. For entertainment, I would listen to Bible stories on albums. I cannot recall a time in my life when I did not believe Jesus was God in the flesh and he lived a sinless life and died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead. It was very easy for me to accept all that as truth because my parents and older sister all believed it and lived lives consistent with believing Jesus is Lord.

Knowing that and believing that was not enough. Even though I truly had no doubt about who Jesus is, I was a selfish and sinful kid who thought only of myself. Nearly everything I did was out of self interest. Even to the extent that I obeyed my parents, it was more to avoid punishment than to do what was right for the sake of what was right.

One day, after getting in trouble, my mom confronted me with my disobedience to God rather than my disobedience to her and my dad. Later that day, my older sister talked to me about my not being part of God’s family because I was not “born again”. It was that evening sitting under the dinning room table with my older sister that I saw myself as a sinner in need of a savior and I declared Jesus as my Lord having already believed in His resurrection and God saved me (Romans 10:9). He changed my heart and gave me a new desire to seek after Him. I could now walk in the light as He is in the light and I could recognize my sin and confess it.

I am so thankful we have an advocate with the father, Jesus Christ, the righteous, who was made to be sin for us so that we can be made the righteousness of God in Him.

I cannot remember if I originally became acquainted with Todd Pearson through Facebook mutual friends of through seeing his Youtube videos but I remember really enjoying seeing this brother striving to share the gospel openly and boldly in his part of the world. We became friends on Facebook and at some point, Todd reached out seeking men to review his videos and make sure he was being Biblical in his approach to sharing the gospel. I believe I may have been the first one to reach back to him volunteering to do that.

It is clear that Todd and I share the same passion to reach people with the gospel. I am not one who believes there is only one right way to share the good news of Jesus but it is clear in scripture that the public heralding of the gospel is one of the primary ways God has instructed His people to proclaim the truth. While it is clear that Todd is an impossing figure do to his stature, it is also clear that he is very good at putting people at easy by communicating his love for them and his desire for the best for them.

I know from personal experience that street evangelists can easily be misunderstood and misjudged due to the actions of a few who appear to lack the love of Christ for their enemies. Christ commanded us to love our enemies and the most loving thing we can do is to lovingly and firmly proclaim the truth of the gospel. Partnering with Todd and supporting his God ordained efforts in this endeavor have blessed my life in many ways. I consider it a privileged to call Todd my friend.


Roger Sharp

I am a native and life-long resident of Orlando, Florida.  I am a Customer Service Representative in a contact center for a local credit union.  I am a member of Faith Baptist Church, Orlando (1689 LBCF, Spurgeon Fellowship).
I grew up attending a small Southern Baptist Church but did not know Christ.  I had some understanding of God’s Law and I couldn’t understand why in the God would ever want the likes of me.  I finally landed a part time job as a teen and had an escape from having to go to church on a regular basis.  That church was in turmoil and decline and friends invited my family to another church where a pair of so Sunday school teachers helped me understand God’s Grace and that Christ died for even me.  I repented and placed my faith in Christ in 1989.
I am active in Faith Baptist Orlando and am particularly engaged with our weekly Wednesday night men’s study.  I also enjoy reading Puritans.  I haven’t reached Todd’s level of boldness, but I do try to hand out tracts as opportunities present themselves.  I also have a penchant for puns and cheesy jokes for which in Todd’s way of seeing things requires repentance.