I Haven’t Been Quiet, but I have Been Thinking

I haven’t published an essay in the last two weeks. It isn’t for lack of something to say, but mostly due to thinking through the times we are in.

Last week, I sent an open letter to the pastors and session (board of elders) of the church I attend. I will be publishing that letter next week. A few months back I attended a rally to end cruelty that was directed at the way our seniors and others are being treated by society today. The text of the speech I wanted to deliver there will be published in two weeks.

To tell the truth, I have been thinking about many things for a long time. But the months since March of this year have had me deep in contemplation on some key issues. None more pressing than the state of the Church in the United States.

Please Don’t be Alarmed, I am Truly Just Thinking Through Things

I think that most Americans, myself included, never believed we would come to a time like this in the United States. Conversely, most have lived thinking that their way of life would be fundamentally the same tomorrow as it is today. In part this is a result of the embrace of Logic and her laws. Within the Laws of Logic there is what we refer to as Induction.

Induction merely states that we can logically assume the future by observing current and past events. Thus, the sun will rise in the east tomorrow because the sun has always risen in the east. Consequently, when thinking about our Nation, many logically deduce that the freedoms we had last year and one hundred and fifty years ago we will have tomorrow.

However, that isn’t the case. Induction isn’t our friend here. In fact, our embrace of Logic, as important as it is, may be a problem. It has made us weak and soft. We The People have come to expect that we will always be possessed of our liberty.

This is no more evident than in the Visible Church in the USA. Christians here have grown complacent. The staggering reality of this complacency is the dumbstruck looks on the faces of so many people who have effectively been shut out of their local gathering places.

For many pastors and elders, it was unthinkable to refuse to follow an order from a governor or mayor. The thinking was that no person in such an office would do something that could be unconstitutional. Thus, here we sit, nearly nine months into many states being shutdown on various levels, and many congregations across the USA have yet to meet in person.

Thinking Briefly About the Arguments

Many pastors and elders and others in church governance have made many arguments for submitting to edicts issued from “on high”. There have been references to Romans 13 and 1 Peter 2. Some have argued from “love your neighbor” and Paul’s dissertation in Philippians 2.

Over and over the thinking has been that somehow, our LORD is less interested in the Highest Law of the Land then He is in how a virus impacts individuals. As if, the two topics are diametrically opposed to one another. Somehow, the Christian mindset has become such that it is impossible to love your neighbor by working to protect them from oppressive government and a virus at the same time.

I cannot begin to count the number of times that I have been told that my personal position demonstrates just how much I hate my fellow Image Bearers. When I answer that Holy Writ gives us guidelines for how to quarantine the sick and not the healthy, you would think I am uttering blasphemy.

In the end, the problem is with the comfort level of the Visible Church. We can’t stand conflict. I have been writing about this and commenting on it for several years. Frankly, the same commentaries I have made about evangelism can be applied to submission to unlawful governing edicts. The Visible Church is full of cowards. And God hates cowards…

What Does This Mean?

Again, don’t be alarmed…

I am not abandoning Christianity. Frankly, I think that the majority of the Visible Church has walked away from God. But what this does mean, is that I will not link arms with any Christian, congregation or denomination, that does not actively advocate for the adherence to the Highest Earthly Authority in the United States.

As a Nation we are not led by men. We are governed by the Constitution and then through the consent of the governed. The governed derive their power from the God of Nature and are possessed of certain unalienable liberties.

Any church that does not engage in the cultural and societal fight to defend our Republic as we are required to do by the Highest Ruling Authority of the Land, is actually disobeying God.

This is where all my thinking has led me.

It is time for the overly comfortable Visible Church to take difficult positions. Even if those positions destroy their reputation among the World and their community. It does no good to be respected by your neighbors if you are selling them out to tyrants that will eventually destroy them. This is a hard lesson we should have learned from the Church in Germany after the rise of the Third Reich.

Love of God and obedience to Him means we resist tyranny even at great personal risk to self and the Bride as she exists in local entities…


Soli Deo Gloria!