Not Everything that Leads to Thinning is Good

So, a few years ago I decided to lose some weight. As I started thinning out, I felt better. I looked better. But then again it didn’t take much…

I have watched others as they were thinning. Men and women, I have seen on a regular basis over the last decade have demonstrated the negative side of thinning. Drugs like heroin and methamphetamine have this detrimental effect on people.

Thinning the ranks of the military and law enforcement are also examples of negative thinning. However, there is one type of thinning the ranks I am incredibly grateful for. And that is what I am going to address here now…

What is Happening to the American Church?

The further we move from the great experiment of the American Revolution the softer the Visible Church becomes. We have come a long way in the span of 200 years. The years and months leading up to the War of Independence were stunningly doctrinal for the Church.

Baptist, Lutherans, Presbyterians and other non-conformists leaned on the Gospel and other doctrines to explain their resistance to tyranny. No passage more powerfully applied than Romans 13:1-7. The argument from these powerful theologians was not that Christians should revolt against all authority. But that they should resist ungodly tyranny.

Today, many Christians erroneously argue that Romans 13 argues for full submission to all earthly authorities no matter how wicked they are. Repeatedly the refrain is, “Well Paul and Peter were writing about Rome. And no government was more corrupt and wicked than Rome.”

Nowhere has this been more evident than in the realm of how our elected servants are dealing with COVID19. I argued with and lost friends over this debate. I challenged Phil Johnson and Costi Hinn on their premises. Moreover, I took after The Gospel Coalition for their approach. (But that isn’t new for me.)

Subsequently, Grace Community Church in LA and others have reversed course on this issue. They are standing against the clear tyranny of elected servants. And I have gladly lauded their reversal and new stand.

However, the vast majority of congregations and most “big name evangelicals”; Big Eva if you will, have continued to sheepishly acquiesce to elected and unelected government officials. Worse, many of them have come out in full attack mode against men like MacArthur and James White and Doug Wilson (aka He Who Cannot Be Named.)

Many of these so-called “Reformed” or “Calvinistic” types have become shills for the government.

But why…?

An Eschatology of Thinning?

Back in my Dispensational days I would have been looking for the PreTrib rapture. Then again, I was always looking for some sign of the fulfillment of the Left Behind prophecies of LeHaye and Jenkins.

Instead, today I look at eschatology with a more hopeful pessimism. Well that is what my Post-Mil friends call my Amil position at least. My Dispy friends have no idea what to think of me…

But, that-being-said, my eschatological position sees and embraces an eschatology of thinning. Certainly, the Invisible Church will grow and grow throughout time. But as this happens there will also be thinning of the ranks.

This thinning will not be some secret half-way to earth meeting in the air between Jesus and His saints. There is only one return of Christ and when that happens it won’t be a thinning. Conversely, it will be a reaving.

So, what is my eschatology of thinning? I posit, and Scripture speaks of mass delusions and abandoning of the faith. There is much talk of this in various ways. John in his epistles even speaks of those who go out and how they were not of the Church. Ever!

So, I suggest that as time marches on and the Church waxes with true believers, it will also wane from goats and tares being driven out.

So, what will drive them out…?

The Visible Church is Sick and it Needs a Healthy Thinning

Nothing is better for a sick Church than some good ol’persecution. Frankly, I think we are there. Oh, this may not be the same kind of “blood running in the streets and human torches lighting the streets of Rome” persecution that we saw in the ancient world. But it is building.

Churches all over the USA are being shutdown and threatened for disobeying orders from tyrants. Fines are being levied; arrests are being made. One church in California held out long enough to wrack up over $100,000.00, (yes $100K) in fines before finally complying for lack of options.

Christians in Moscow Idaho assembled outside of city hall weeks after BLM and Antifa protested in the same place. Did those Christians threaten violence? Did they yell profanities? Were they rioting and burning down buildings in Moscow? Nope. So, what were they arrested for? They were singing psalms and hymns and not wearing masks as they sang. They didn’t maintain six feet of distance.

As news broke about these cases and others, so-called Christians like those in the SBC and ERLC attacked the Christians involved for being rebels and troublemakers. All while defending the thugs and miscreants in BLM and Antifa.

These measures from tinpot dictators and wannabe tyrants allover the USA are doing what years of debate and “conversation” about doctrine could not accomplish. It is exposing the false converts and wolves in our midst…

Between Critical Theory, Intersectionality and Tyrants the Church is Going to Get Healthy with a Quickness

As the perfect storm of social justice and kowtowing to anti-Christ dictums advances across Western Christian Culture we are being given all the ammo we need to thrust the enemies out of the way.

If you are still on the fence when it comes to many names, these occurrences, especially the acts of tyrants and the support they receive from Big Eva, should make this easy.

Moreover, it should be even easier to stop sitting on the fence about your closest Christian neighbors. If you hear them spouting, spewing, parroting or regurgitating Big Eva you know how to mark them. Certainly, you should have conversations with them first. But if they double-down, call you unloving or call on you to submit to governing authorities that are violating the Constitution; you have all the ammo you need.

This Thinning is a Positive

Instead of being angry or fearful, we need to rejoice for the way wolves, goats and tares are being exposed. As a dear brother named AD Robles has emphasized since March, this is No Despair 2020. I will not sweat the pressure coming at us. Certainly, I will speak out here and on my YouTube channels. But I will not despair.

I will use my voice and my limited following to encourage people towards resisting tyrants. Thus, should you do so as well.

Let the phrase, “Sic Semper Tyrannis” be ever on your lips when addressing these topics…

As John Knox said with his eloquent brevity, “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God…”