The Gospel: Do You Know It?

We Have A Problem

We have a problem. I mean that you and I have a massive problem. That problem isn’t just that we as human beings don’t get along. It is far more serious than that; our problem is with God. Some of you may say to me that you are good with God. Even more of you may say that you don’t believe in God. Yet there is good news, it is called the Gospel.

We are the Image bearers of God, The Imago Dei. Yet, due to the natural sinfulness of mankind that flows from being the children of Adam and Eve, we are all marred by sin. Therefore, the sin-curse was laid on Adam when he failed to obey God in the Garden. Moreover, Adam passed it on to each of us. Furthermore, every person who has lived has started life as a sinner and been guilty of their own sins. That is a problem. A huge problem. Yet God has given us the Gospel.

Enemies of God

This means that we are enemies of God. Therefore, many claim there is no God. Moreover, many more believe they are fine with God. They have created a god in their own image. They have made themselves god or formed a god that thinks they are good. This is a dangerous place to be. This is why we need the Gospel.

The Eternal Moral law of God

God in His love revealed His Eternal Moral Law (the Ten Commandments) to us many years ago.  Moreover, God wrote His law on our hearts. Yet we cannot keep His law and we violate it every day; often in ways we do not even comprehend. We lie, blaspheme, murder and commit adultery in our hearts at the very least. And once we break even one of the ten commandments we are guilty of them all. But God is long-suffering and shows much patience towards us not striking us down the moment we sin. (Exodus 34, Numbers 14, Psalm 86, Romans 2 & 3 & 9, Joel 2)

God Loves The Created order

Even more, God loves His created order in an amazing way. He chose to send a savior to do what we could not do, live perfectly and in perfect obedience to The Eternal Moral Law. Christ came and was born of a virgin and lived a perfect life never sinning in any way so that He fulfilled prophecy. (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). At the end of his life He went to the cross suffering in our place. This most gracious and loving of acts had to be done this way, and it had to be the God-man Jesus to do it. No other person could pay the penalty for your sin. If it was on you to do it there would only be judgment and the wrath of God in Hell.

The Gospel

Instead God poured out His wrath against sin and sinner on Christ while He hung on the cross. Jesus accomplished what we could not. He took our sin on Himself and bore the wrath reserved for us so that we could be given His righteousness. Upon His death He was buried and rose again on the third day and was seen by hundreds and hundreds of witnesses. Then He bodily returned to Heaven where He is to this day waiting to come back to judge the world.

His command to you is that you repent and believe. If you repent and turn from your sins you will be saved. God will spare you from His wrath because Christ absorbed it on your part…

This is the Gospel…

This is the Good News…

Turn to Christ today and find everlasting life!

Please reach out to me if you have responded to this Good News.